René Kids Centre

Sometimes a smile makes all the difference

Mountains full of e-waste, hidden from the eyes of Western consumers, are the daily reality for countless children and families in countries like Ghana and Namibia. ECMR feels that it has a social duty to create better conditions and supports René Kids Centre in its fantastic and targeted projects that are designed to help the children and families in Rehoboth, Namibia.

Social responsibility and involvement

Striving to create a world of opportunities, without e-waste

Although the economy is flourishing, people are suffering from the effects of consumerism. Waste is dumped in places where it has no adverse effect on European industry. This waste flow can be reduced by companies like ECMR and the EU endorses this approach and supports implementation at European level.

This is why we are convinced that, in addition to achieving our objectives, we have a duty to get involved in social projects, beyond the borders of Europe as well. So we warmly support social initiatives such as ‘René Kids Centre’. This organisation sets up targeted projects in Rehoboth, Namibia, for people who are suffering from adverse side-effects caused by economies in the Western world.

ECMR is a proud ambassador for René Kids Centre and we support this project based on our belief that – in addition to providing sustainable services – we also share responsibility for a fair society, which René Kids Centre aims to establish from a social and ecological perspective.

"My heart broke when I stood on the steaming mountain of rubbish in Rehoboth in 2007 and saw the deep despair in the children’s eyes. These underprivileged people in Namibia deserve more than a hopeless existence."

René Ruitenberg

René Kids Centre

Roadmap to a sustainable future

René Kids Centre is improving the standard of living of the inhabitants of Rehoboth through its work in developing countless social programmes and offering them to children and families in the region. The efforts of the many passionate volunteers who are involved in projects for this social initiative each day, both on behalf of and in collaboration with the local community, create a meaningful future that offers these families happiness and safety, and the equal opportunities that we have come to expect in Western society.

The projects set up by René Kids Centre often benefit from ECMR’s expertise. For example, we are delighted to help develop optimal treatment solutions for used materials for recycling applications and collect up all the different synthetic substances that pollute the immediate environment surrounding the communities.

We work hand-in-hand with René Kids Centre to contribute to a cleaner world in a setting that extends beyond our own industry. “All the initiatives of René Kids Centre focus on bringing prosperity and putting a smile on the faces of the children and their families, so that they can lead an independent existence in a protected environment, surrounded by thoughtfulness and love, and look to a new horizon and new opportunities … and they also contribute significantly to the sustainable economic development of the country.”